TGL Jordan: From the Road #1

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A note from the Operations Manager: Our TGL Jordan team landed in Amman just last week. They are working alongside the Iraq al Amir Women's Cooperative Society, which empowers women through skill training. Our fearless leaders, Ken Kaminesky and Colby Brown, are now leading the team through some of the world's most amazing locations. For today's post, it is Feynan, … Read More

Another Trip for TGL in 2012!

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December Trip — TGL: Israel-Palestine [space] Christmas is often bogged down with materialism, long, exhausting trips to the mall, and showering our family with mostly useless junk. Think – in 2011, we spent $35 Billion Dollars shopping for Christmas. Why not ditch the malls, the cheap gifts, and the consumer-driven mentality and instead join us to make a difference? This … Read More