Armando G.

Kate Mulligan

TGL: Peru was a life changing experience. There is no doubt about that.  I now have first hand knowledge on how photography can change your life and become something very meaningful. I left home with the happy expectation that we would work mostly with the kids and whatever time we had left we would devote to photography. I figured that there would be enough time for photography but not this much! I was pleasantly surprised with regards to our shooting schedule. It was much more than I expected and I’m very happy with that. This was photo heaven…..landscapes, sunset, sunrises, people….you name it. I always passed out at the end of the day. Days were long but fun; a full agenda everyday. Everything was just right.

I also happened to arrive prior to Kate & Mike so I was able to see some of the “behind the scenes” preparations for the arrival of the rest of the team. They executed this in a very professional and responsible manner. Both were amicable, extremely approachable and knowledgable. We were always on time and things flowed with relative easiness. If anything went wrong (as they sometimes do) it was unbeknown to us. Kate & Michael were excellent in transmitting the amount of respect and care they have for TGL, the brand and their assumption of responsibility. Michael’s personality, charisma, availability, leadership skills and good nature persona are traits that hide slightly beneath his “The Bonocore” alter ego. It didn’t take long to peel of a slight layer and find that wonderful individual. Kate is a hard worker, responsible, always up before most of us and ready to answer questions and deal with logistics at a moments notice. She has an intoxicating personality; I saw this in the way the girls took to her, interacted with her and vice versa. She has maturity beyond her age. Both are great leaders.