Brian H.

Kate Mulligan

I loved the entire TGL: Peru experience! It scared me; it challenged me; it motivated me; it pushed me to explore and expand my own comfort zone. The people, both the leaders of the TGL, as well as the travellers chosen to participate are genuinely good people. I would absolutely recommend this trip to anyone even thinking about it. If it’s piqued your curiosity? GO! You will not be disappointed.

From a photographer’s perspective, I absolutely loved the ‘loose’ structure of the workshops. To be actually in the field shooting and getting instant feedback was invaluable. Dealing with changing light and all the variables that you encounter in the ‘real life,’ was extremely practical and helpful.

Volunteering with the non-profit was highly valuable to me. I honestly feel like I got so much more from them than what I may have given them. To see their joy; to experience their enthusiasm; to be taken into their homes was truly an honor and a very humbling experience.