Julie C


TGL: Jordan. Was. Amazing! : ) Colby Brown, Ken Kaminesky, and Michael Bonocore – we couldn’t have asked for better team leaders/assistants (except maybe you Kate Havercroft!). They were funny, approachable, extremely patient, very knowledgeable, supportive, passionate, interesting leaders and always made themselves available to answer any and all our questions to help us grow both as people and photographers. The group was great as well – we really gelled and laughed basically for 10 days straight. I think the work you guys do is really important. You’ve found that sweet spot of creating trips that are not only inspiring for those who participate in them but also positively impact, in a tangle way, local charities. That’s no easy task. I’ve been spreading the word about TGL and the Jordan trip any chance I get since being back! I’ve done a lot of travelling but the TGL trip was one of the best things I’ve done – I grew both as a person and as a photographer. Thanks!