Karen H.

Kate Mulligan

I absolutely loved being a part of this amazing Cuba team. The team leaders did a fantastic job, keeping us on track even in the face of constant change. I’ll be honest that before we left for Cuba, I wondered what impact we’d have on a group of skateboarders. I decided to let go and have faith it would all come together…and it did. The young man I worked with had some experience with a camera but said a couple times how grateful he was to have this “class”. To know that the donated cameras we left, and help we had given, would provide some of these young people with a creative outlet they previously didn’t have was humbling and heartwarming. As a photographer, I knew that in order for me to grow on this trip I was going to have to be vulnerable and ask questions. And ask I did! I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the leaders and teammates who happily paid forward their knowledge. To say that my photography benefited from this trip would be an understatement.