Mayya K.

Kate Mulligan

TGL is an adventure with learning a lot about culture, history, photography, and having a chance to share what you love with like-minded people. The Giving Lens gives a healthy atmosphere for travellers and photographers, not missing out the opportunity to capture a great moment, going to exciting places, and learning about the problems and treasures they have and share it all with the world.

Besides, all the unbelievable adventures I had with TGL, there was something more than that – people: my team, leaders of the workshop, our guide, and others I came across during the trip. We all learned something from each other. I left inspired. The Giving Lens is an intense workshop. The program kept us busy everyday. But every time, I recollected the highlights of what we did at the end of each day, whether it was educating youth basic photography, conquering the heights of Petra, or strolling in the streets of Madaba, I felt happy.