Photography Workshop in Peru – A Guest Post

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Jay Guerra joined us in Peru in 2013. We were blown away by Jay’s optimism, his genuine interactions with the kids of Picaflor House, and his passion for photography. Also, his uncanny ability to look like James Bond (Pierce Brosnan era). We asked Jay to share about his experience, even though it can be hard to put into words. You … Read More

Travel Photography Tip: Shooting Sunrise with Tomasz Huczek

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Travel Photography Tip: Shooting Sunrise! ¬†Finishing off May’s theme of Shooting Sunrises, we’re thrilled to have Tomasz Huczek here to run us through his tips for getting the best results. Enjoy! Rich landscapes and boisterous seas are the main subjects of Tomasz Huczek’s photographs. He presents a vibrant world showcasing nature at its most beautiful. His passion for photography was … Read More

Travel Photography Tip – Shooting Water with Cameron Siguenza

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An example of Staying in the Moment Cameron Siguenza

Travel Photography Tip – Shooting Water with Cameron Siguenza Continuing with our April theme of Photographing Water, we have landscape photographer Cameron Siguenza with us. He shares with us three simple habits he has that helped him get these four incredible shots. “Siguenza’d”: Verb. To obtain an epic photograph. Ex: “I totally siguenza’d that shot.” [anytonym: “boncore’d”] Enjoy! [space] How … Read More