Future Workshops

Our future workshops are based on the best of intentions, coupled with how much interest a trip garners prior to becoming a reality. If you're interested in any of these places for travel photography with a humanitarian twist, the best thing you can do is sign up to stay tuned on that trip! We'll email when we have information regarding it, and you'll be the first to know when the trip is announced.

Note: all of the "stay tuned" buttons lead to the same form, where you can manually enter as many trip names as you'd like to be emailed about. If you'd like to stay tuned on all our upcoming trips, just sign up for our regular newsletter at the bottom of any page.  

TGL: Cuba

TBD 2018 - We look to roam the streets of Havana and experience all the flavors the city has to offer while spending time with our NGO, Amigo Skate.

Stay Tuned!

TGL: Nicaragua

Summer 2018 - one of our longest standing partnerships, Granada is the staging point for our work with Empowerment International and the exploration of this marvelous colonial city. From boat rides to exploring volcanoes, Nicaragua has much to offer!

Stay Tuned!

TGL: Jordan

November 2018 - this year should be the opportunity to journey back into the desert, visiting the iconic Petra, Wadi Rum desert, and more!

Stay Tuned!

TGL: Morocco

October 2018 - We are going to take on Marrakesh and it's stunning street photography, markets, and people. We will partner with a local art-focused non-profit to work with local youths and local Moroccan photographers to empower and encourage! Then, we head to the Sahara. This trip is ripe with adventure.

Stay Tuned!

TGL: South America

A new South American country will be joining our ranks in 2018! Stay tuned on specifically where and when as this trip develops.

Stay Tuned!