Covid19 Update

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Giving Lens has postponed all trips to 2021 and 2022. All deposits made will be fully transferable if trip is interupted by Covid19 travel restrictions.

A note from our Operations Manager: We believe in travel. We believe the world is a good and wonderful place, and that both travel and photography – when done well – make it even better. Not only us, returning home changed, but the places we are guests in. We impact the economy by staying and eating locally, hiring local guides and translators, and otherwise investing funds into the country. We impact the NGO with images, support, and solidarity. We impact the community we serve not only with tangible photography skills – whether novice or advanced – but by empowering them with tools to tell the story they already have. By saying your story is worth telling. By showing up – this alone is impactful to a community, many of which wonder if anyone in the whole world even cares. We do. At the Giving Lens, we care. We care about the people we make and the relationships we build and the places we see and the cultures we experience and the land we get to stand on. We care deeply that the skills we have and the thing we love – photography – be a road into a place and person to make a difference. We don’t travel just to fulfil a bucklet list or shoot images like the world is our scavanger hunt. We do all this because we are fueled by our passion to create, our position in life to make a difference, our love for this big, insanely beautiful world, and a deeply held belief that we can make a difference, big or small (and often the small ones turn out to be so very big anyway).  We believe in travel, we believe in our world, we believe in people.

Don’t give up on travel. Shall we do it differently? Yes, this is probably a long time coming anyway. We have always stood for responsible, respectful travel not only to the places and people we meet, but the land we get to stand on, and the planet we get to explore. Right now the responsible, respectful thing to do is to stay home. As we look to the future of travel and our world, we commit to improving not only our trips but the travel industry, that it would empower, uplift, create, invigorate, inspire, fuel, fund, support, encourage, elevate, and cherish these incredible places (and their people) we get to be guests in – and commit to fostering these things within ourselves too.

Stay safe and be well, 

Kate Siobhan Mulligan

TGL Operations Manager and Creative Director

Recruiting Workshops

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Tenatative: TGL Mexico

Feb 2021

TGL Mexico 2020 was a smash hit. A team of all women, led by women, supported by a tour company that is run by women and supports local women, and an NGO honoring and lifting up indigenous girls and women made for a powerhouse of feminism and the hard work of furthering womens rights. Coronavirus pending, we hope to return again in 2021 to repeat, improve, and dig deeper. If you have *any* interest in this trip hit Stay Tuned below and let us know. The more interest we have, the further we can commit to running the trip, while we wait to see what our world looks like in 2021. For this particular trip, deposits would be flexible, as we know the future is uncertain.  Again, if you have any interest, let us know – the more interest we have, the more we can send specifics and begin to plan this adventure in iconic Oaxaca.


New Dates: June 2021

A brand new trip to the South Pacific! Join us as we explore this incredible part of the world, rich in beauty and struggling with poverty, climate change, and sustainability. We will partner with not one but several important organizations focused on sustainability, womens rights, and protecting the environment. This trip has two spots left. 

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September 2021

Our return adventure to Mongolia! Join us as we meet in Ulaanbaatar, work with an incredible NGO there protecting children and changing minds about womens and children rights, before flying off to remote Western Mongolia to spend time with rural families, do some homestays, and even get to spend time living with Eagle Hunters. We warmly welcome our newest TGL Leader: Melissa Findlay! Buckle up!