Covid19 Update

At this time we are only collecting serious interest in these 2022 trips. If you think you would be interested in any of the trips below, please click I’m Interested and let us know!

We will commence trips when vaccines have rolled out worldwide. We not only want our team safe, but we absolutely must keep the vulnerable communities we visit safe too. Trips will likely have new covid protocols (such as testing negative on arrival) and may still contain social distancing or hints of it – it all depends what the world looks like a year from now!  However we are committed that even if trips must be modified for locals safety, we can creatively make them just as wonderful as they always are. We want to keep our locals safe, and our team safe, but we also know many communities abroad rely heavily on travel and are eager to see tourism resume. We will walk the fine line between those two truths. We are champions of the good travel can and do – and we would never, ever want to harm a community we are going into.

2022 trips will have covid cancellation policies, flexible deposits, and a lot of patience and curiosity as we move into a world post-covid19. Do stay tuned on how we adapt, modify, pivot, and get creative to ensure we can still experience the world, and make it a better place – safely.

  • Kate Mulligan, TGL Operations Manager, Updated Feb 2021.

Recruiting Workshops




Cuba is one of the most unique trips we offer! Explore Havana from the ground level, see the stuff tourists never get to see from their resorts. Team up with Amigo Skate to use skateboarding as an outlet for frustrated youths looking to express themselves, and have a wild ride doing it!



A brand new trip to the South Pacific! Join us as we explore this incredible part of the world, rich in beauty and struggling with poverty, climate change, and sustainability. We will partner with not one but several important organizations focused on sustainability, women’s rights, and protecting the environment. This trip has two spots left.  

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katesiobhanmulligan_February 10, 2018-2

TGL: Mexico


TGL Mexico 2020 was a smash hit. A team of all women, led by women, supported by a tour company that is run by women and supports local women, and an NGO honoring and lifting up indigenous girls and women made for a powerhouse of feminism and the hard work of furthering women’s rights. All while tipping back mezcal margaritas (or agua fresca!) and exploring the riot of colour and texture around the city.

TGL: Tanzania


Tanzania is one of our longest running trips since 2013. With good reason! We work with amazing NGOs and projects, have tons of space to explore the wild landscapes, head out on safari, sleep under the stars, and do it all with a dynamite team of local guides. We cannot wait to return!

African Journey - Tanzania
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Our return adventure to Mongolia! Join us as we meet in Ulaanbaatar, work with an incredible NGO there protecting children and changing minds about womens and children rights, before flying off to remote Western Mongolia to spend time with rural families, do some homestays, and even get to spend time living with Eagle Hunters. We warmly welcome our newest TGL Leader: Melissa Findlay! Buckle up!