Where We’ve Been



From the markets and smiling faces of Siem Reap to exploring the ancient Angkor temples of the Khmer Empire, Cambodia is a visually stimulating country. We partner with Anjali House to help former street youth build confidence, self esteem, and learn about photography!

The GIving Lens: Cambodia is a chance to help the lives of street youth from Siem Reap while experiencing one of the greatest empires of southeast Asia.



Cobble stone streets, nostalgic American automobiles, and a blend of Latin and African sounds to create a music all it’s own. This is just a slice of what Havana and Trinidad has to offer during our time in Cuba. We work with an NGO called Amigo Skate which works with the community in Havana and gives participant an outlet through kick flips and shredding boards on asphalt.


Explore incredible Antigua, ripe for street, food, and market photography before heading off to stunning Lake Atitlan. Here we partner with an NGO that teaches photography and videography to youths – specifically indigenous youths – in order to tell their stories: their lives, their communities, their land, their culture, and more. When not volunteering we photograph the lake, hike, explore jungles, and head off for big sunday markets. All in the span of just a few hours driving!


A photographer’s paradise, India is full of life, colour, passion – and poverty. We explore a range of places in India, from stunning temples to thumping markets to crumbling ruins. We also partner with a local non-profit who supports the young girls of Jodhpur!



May 2013 | May 2014

Petra, by day and by night, Wadi rum under a blanket of stars, and the eerie calm of the Dead Sea – just a few amazing experiences you’ll have in Jordan! Come with us to one of the friendliest nations on Earth, and with one of the longest histories as well. Along the way we partner with a skills training center for women, and a rural Non-Profit working to keep Jordan’s youth in school and striving for a brighter future.

paul pichugin jordan


From our NGO that supports Ulaanbaatar’s most vulnerable children, to a short flight into the great plains beyond the city, and wild (and bumpy) 4×4 driving further into the countryside we will see many sides of Mongolia. Sleep in yurts, stay with local families (and reboot at small hotels), see the stars, visit rural eagle hunters and document them at sunset, and more!



Medinas, snake charmers, soaring mountains, and endless desert. Morocco is enticing to the eyes and senses all at once. Come wander Marrakesh, carve through the High Atlas, and stand in awe of the Sahara. We’ll partner with a local NGO to run a workshop with kids in a rural neighbourhood to explore, laugh, be silly, and inspire.

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Nicaragua was one of our very first trips. Year after year we return to partner once again with the amazing NGO, EI, and their incredible troop of talented youth photographers. We’ll see the real side of Granada, meet real families, trek jungles, see volcanoes, and catch a few epic sunsets along the way.

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Our very first trial trip was to Peru! To this day we still partner with our NGO here, which has grown from a few kids to a whole group of passionate youth photographers – they’ve even had a gallery showing in Cusco! After this we will top your bucket list with 2 days at Machu Picchu.

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Tanzania is a dream come true for most. Remember the days of flipping through National Geographic? Live your childhood dream and wake up on the Serengeti for sunrise, barrel down the dusty roads, and see nature at its finest. Safari aside, we will partner with a local NGO to document and teach in their schools, as well as visit – and stay! – with a Masai tribe to learn about and document their beautiful culture. You’ll never, ever forget this trip!

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Bustling Chiang Mai, rice fields, valleys and hills, golden temples, and incredible food await adventures to Thailand. We’re thrilled to partner with an NGO working to prevent girls from sex trafficking, as well as stay at the NGOs boutique hotel, and use their guides – the first indigenous female guides in Thailand.



A phenomenal NGO in Kampala, a safari, and gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Forest make Uganda the trip of a lifetime.