Kate Mulligan and Colby BrownThe Giving Lens offers one-of-a-kind international travel photography workshops, with a humanitarian twist: during the trip we volunteer our time and photographic talents to a local, grassroots Non-Profit documenting their work and issues, as well as teaching photography as a tool for empowerment, self-confidence, personal creativity, and more; we then embark on a travel photography focused journey through this amazing country, though always looking to depart from the beaten path and seeking instead authentic encounters, real experiences, cultural immersion, with a focus on responsible travel and respect for the culture and environment.  Post-trip share the images and the profits with the NGO. It’s an adventure, a journey, and a vision

Melanie F.

The most important thing to understand about The Giving Lens and its leaders; they WILL infect you with passion. Passion for photography and passion for the NGOs it supports. After two week with my team and all the locals we had befriended, I was more sad to leave my Giving Lens family than I ever imagined I would be. My … Read More

Linda M

As someone who has done four travel photography tours with TGL, you might call me a fan. I think of myself as someone who recognizes the value of priceless experiences in a supportive environment. I can hardly wait for my next trip!

Bill H.

Working with the children was an unforgettable experience and most satisfying. As well, the events exposing us to local culture were very well done and quite complete. I don’t think I’ve experienced such a well organized and executed cultural program.