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The Giving Lens began with world-renowned landscape, travel and humanitarian aid photographer and photo educator, Colby Brown. Colby has spent nearly a decade photographing his way around the world, and while his adventures were incredible and meaningful, he would return home wanting to find other ways to use his skill sets to give back to those in need. Out of that feeling, The Giving Lens was born. Colby began with help to start a small Non-Profit in Haiti, to connect photographers with Haitian Non-Profits in need of photography. But as he continued to mull over how he could do more, he decided that it could be bigger. It could be huge.

So he founded The Giving Lens in 2010. He then brought on a writer – and long time friend – who also had experience with with photography, traveling, and with leading teams internationally – Kate Siobhan Mulligan. Kate set out traveling when she was just 18 and has volunteered on every continent, including leading teams with Habitat for Humanity. Together, her and Colby have continued to hash out exactly what The Giving Lens can be, and continue to dream big.

There were many things we set out to do. We knew that Non-Profits are always in need of compelling, emotion-evoking media to tell their story and raise awareness. We knew that Non-Profits are almost always struggling to stay financially afloat. But, we also knew that photographers around the world sign up for photography workshops everyday; photographers with immense and deep passion for exploring the world and seeking new adventures and experiences along the way.

So we decided we could do it all. We could bring photographers together in community, to fuel their passion for travel, and to take that passion and aim at worth non-profits around the world. By creating the hybrid of workshops, volunteering, and photo-education, we not only grow as photographers by leaps and bounds, but also as people; as human beings. And we get to do it all to the benefit of communities in developing nations!

Many years and many successful teams in, we feel we have an extraordinary formula for a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that benefits everyone involved in ways you really can’t imagine until you’ve done it. Our network of repeat-trip Alumni speaks to the fact that our trips are huge successes.

As we expand, Colby can no longer lead every team, nor can Kate. Thus we are now in a phase of recruiting other world-class photographers from various photographic backgrounds to help lead our teams as TGL continues to help more and more in need.

TGL continues to grow and expand at a rapid rate. We look at the horizon and cannot wait to see what adventures await us next. If you can’t either, then it’s time to join a team 🙂

Colby, Kate, and the TGL Team

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