TGL Morocco 2018

The first dates of this workshop has a WAITLIST. Due to extra interest we are tentatively offering 2nd dates: Nov 2-11 2018.

Join us for a travel photography workshop through Morocco – with a humanitarian twist! Spice markets, snake charmers, winding alleys, and a rainbow of colours – and that’s just Marrakesh, where our team will begin and end this amazing trip. Get ready for incredible architecture, flavours, and sights from Marrakech to the Sahara and back – not to mention some awesome NGO work and a lot of surprises along the way!

We begin in Marrakesh where we will explore the city on foot together and discover all the beautiful chaos this city has to offer. In the days that follow we will work with a local NGO, El Fenn Maroc, which works to empower local artists in Marrakesh. We started a program with them last year specifically connecting local youth with photography – both with us, and with local photographers who will join us for this workshop. We’ll continue building on this program, while also visiting a few other NGOs along the way just to spread our support as much as we can!

From Marrakech, we head to the High Atlas Mountains to see old kasbahs and small mountain villages. You won’t believe mountains like this exist in Africa. A whole other world from Marrakesh, we begin to enter areas where homes are mostly made of mud, where locals move livestock and do everything by hand, and where Berber communities have settled and lives for ages. We’ll stay in a true Kasbah – a palace of sorts made mostly of mud – and enjoy the calm and magic of this particularly unique part of Morocco.

From there, we make the final leg to the Sahara where we will camp in the desert under the stars, ride camels along the dunes, eat dinner cooked over a fire, and generally try to believe that this is real life. By the way – You’ll fall in love with our 3 incredible guides, hired through a company that specializes in responsible and ethical Moroccan travel.  You can expect fantastic and cultural accommodations, wonderful food, insight to Moroccan culture, plenty of meaningful experiences, adventure, and time with a really excellent NGO.

Previous years have sold out quickly and had a waiting list – so apply soon if this trip sounds as amazing to you as it does to us!

Returning for 2018! This year we’re working to offer something different. Our partners over at Open Doors Morocco are piecing together post-trip travel offerings to other portions of Morocco that include places like Chefchaouen, Fes, and Casablanca to explore the diversity of Morocco. We’ll be providing more information on this to our Morocco participants soon! This tour company is the *best*, you won’t regret the extension!

We’re proud to say this trip is being led by the awesome Michael Bonocore (check out his article from last trip, all images taken on his iphone!) and Andy Yee (one of Andy’s images from a TGL Morocco trip won the Sony Alpha Award for Landscapes!)

This trip is physically easy to moderate.  There is lots of walking but mostly it’s flat – certainly in Marrakech. The heat can be cumbersome but we try to take afternoons easy, and offer lots of chances for shade and hydration. There will be several fairly novice hikes to reach viewpoints. Going up and down the sand dunes can be taxing – but we provide ample time to do so. There is a good 10 hours of driving (or more if anything causes a delay) between Marrakech and the Sahara, but this is broken up in at least one direction. There will be one long day of driving back to Marrakech.

The emotional demands of this trip are moderate You’ll be emotionally invested in the youths we work with, but much of the workshop will be fun, light-hearted, even a bit chaotic. You’ll be moved and impacted but also inspired. Poverty in Marrakech isn’t as forthright as other countries, but you certainly will encounter some.

The standards of accommodation, quality of meals, and access to amenities of this trip are very good.Accommodation is fairly excellent! You can expect a simple room with two twin beds, an ensuite bathroom, and clean sheets, towels, and blankets. Hot water can be hit and miss, especially if we’re all trying to shower at once. However you will find that the accommodation will be elaboratedly decorated in the local fashion, with archways, open areas, silks, colors, and other ornate details. At the Kasbah, while it may be mud, it’s updated to great standards. Camping in the desert is, well, camping but it’s fun, and extremely worthwhile.

Meals are of good quality. Lots of bread, rice, chicken tagine, lamb, and cous cous. Alcohol isn’t commonly come by.

Amenities such as bathrooms and convenience stores are available in most places. Toilets will be western style.

Level of safety in Morocco is very good to excellent.The most common issue for tourist is pickpocketing, but statistics are en par with almost anywhere well touristed in the world. TGL will offer tips and advice for your belongings and cash in team newsletters.

What is Included?

What is Not?

Behind the Scenes of TGL Morocco

The NGO: El Fenn

El Fenn Maroc is a non-profit cultural association whose mission is fourfold: to build bridges across cultures through visual art, to help preserve traditional arts in Morocco, to provide support for Moroccan artists and their families and communities and finally, to foster an appreciation for visual arts.

El Fenn Maroc operates out of Marrakesh Henna Art Cafe in the ancient medina of Marrakesh, Morocco. This art cafe features two galleries of art with both permanent and revolving exhibitions of guest artists. The two galleries are also used for workshops by Gordon and other artists, and the cafe offers space to other non-profit organizations as well. The first fundraiser for another Moroccan non-profit was held at the cafe in April of 2015, and more are scheduled for 2015-2016.

We will be working with local artists and photographers and various communities that El Fenn serves. We’ll be providing images of their work, of the great things the organization is doing, and also be teaching basic photography and hosting small photo projects/walks

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