Kate Havercroft and Colby BrownThe Giving Lens is an organization with a vision to see our three passions come together for a better world: travel, photography, and giving back. We do this by running one-of-a-kind international travel photography workshops, all of which are lead by professional photographers: during the trip we volunteer our time and talents to a local, grassroot Non-Profit; then we do workshops, shooting at once-in-a-lifetime locations most only dream of. We share the images, and the profits, with the NGO, and our participants return home, changed forever. It’s an adventure; a journey; and a vision.

Mayya K.

TGL is an adventure with learning a lot about culture, history, photography, and having a chance to share what you love with like-minded people. The Giving Lens gives a healthy atmosphere for travellers and photographers, not missing out the opportunity to capture a great moment, going to exciting places, and learning about the problems and treasures they have and share … Read More

Mayya K.

Lisa T.

The Giving Lens was exactly what I was looking for and simultaneously nothing that I could prepare for. On paper, it combined all of my passions: a unique travel experience, photography, and a chance to make a difference in a community or with an organization. In reality, there was so much more. Our partner NGO brought to our attention the … Read More

Sandy S.

When I applied for the trip I told a friend about it. When they asked why I would be interested in a Giving Lens trip I told them that I wanted to set my soul on fire….emotionally, physically and creatively. Nicaragua did just that for me. It was a wonderful experience and I will never forget it.I love everything that … Read More